Of Kings & Eggs

I'm reading a book written in the 10th Century by a Persian poet.  It's an epic poem about the history of Persia.  It begins, as they all do, at the beginning when everything is fine and good until one day the King of Evil shows up and messes everything up.   He makes people greedy and mean, etc.  Eventually the King of Evil tricks a gullible king into eating an egg, (prior to this people ate only plants and roots.) The gullible king is ecstatic and the next day the King of Evil (disguised as a lowly cook) roasts a chicken... then prepares lamb... then veal...  Out of gratitude the gullible king grants a wish of the King of Evil, which  is to kiss his shoulders. After he does, black serpents sprout from the gullible king's shoulders, and remain part of him for the rest of his life...

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