Illustration Portfolio Class at School of Visual Arts, NYC



Illustration Portfolio at SVA

Wednesday nights 6:00 - 9:30 for 10 weeks beginning June 6!

Brush up or start your portfolio. Stretch out and try something new or work on that children's book you've been dreaming of. Discover your personal style, and work on concepts and execution. Centered on the individual student and his or her unique talent, this course is designed to develop and solidify personal style, strong concepts and clear execution of ideas. How to approach an illustration job with an understanding of the type of work you want to create will be explored, as well as business aspects such as finding illustration markets, contracts, negotiations, subsidiary rights and reps, copyrights, promotion and self-marketing. Assignments will touch on various sectors of the illustration market, including publishing, editorial, licensing and corporate. Students will be encouraged to broadly interpret the assignments: an assignment about time can become a science-fiction piece, a conceptual illustration, or a wonderful children's book. Color, value, concept, execution and medium will be covered. Assignments vary each semester.

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ONLINE PORTFOLIO CLASS (10 private sessions)

Illustrating Picture Books at the School of Visual Arts

Illustrating Picture Books at the School of Visual Arts, NYC
Thursday nights 6:00 - 9:30 beginning June 7!

Get to work on that story you have hidden in your sock drawer!

I'm so excited to finally be teaching a picture book class at SVA!
This course will lead the students through every step in the creation of a picture book, from developing the initial idea, through plotting out the book, dummy book and final artwork. There will be in-class drawing exercises and demos designed to help students improve their drawing and thinking skills; by the completion of the course each student will have developed a short picture book (or a dummy for a longer book). The publishing world and other aspects of the children's market will be discussed. Students may work on a story they have created, or one written by someone else. Fairy tales, fables, alphabet books and journals as well as other types of material can be used. Students may work in any media, and experimentation is encouraged.

See Student Work HERE


An Illusionary piece for American Booksellers for Children

This is a new painting I created for American Booksellers for Children's annual gala auction.
It is painted in gold on a wood panel, so not very photogenic.  Looks much better in person, so to speak.
It is about the world of the imagination you enter when you read a book.
When you look at the piece at an angle you see only the girl and her book.

The painting is a tribute to Little Golden Books, which is celebrating its 75th Anniversary.  Those books had a big influence on me and my work.  Some of my childhood Golden Books are still in my possession.  Apparently when I was five I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up since on the title pages, I had crossed out the illustrator's name  (usually Garth Williams') and written my own.

This piece will be on sale later this month at the ABC auction during BookExpo America.

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