Illustration Portfolio Class Begins Jan. 25

Illustration Portfolio at the School of Visual Arts, NYC
Wednesday nights 6:30 - 9:30 beginning Jan. 25!
Last semester was fantastic!
Expand your portfolio, work on your neglected picture book, try something new! All levels welcome.


Malala: A Hero for All

It's always a little scary when the book I've worked on for several months arrives in a box from UPS.
I never know if I'll like it or not.  But I was very happy to open my carton of complimentary copies of Malala: A Hero for All And as of Jan. 12, they are available everywhere!  Her story is so inspiring and this book was really wonderful to work on.  She is a hero, and not just for one day.



Mashed up Fairy Tales

Mashed up Fairy Tales
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