The Best of Times


Today is the 203rd birthday of Charles Darwin and a reminder that life turns on the little things.

Darwin's epic voyage to the Galapagos aboard the HMS Beagle, nearly didn't happen at all.  Apparently the Captain of the Beagle didn't much care for Charles Darwin's nose and didn't want him to come along.  Luckily he relented and the theory of Natural Selection and Evolution was born, to the dismay of those who believe that the world was formed in six days.  Historian Rick Beyer explains it all here: The Lesson of Charles Darwin's Nose   

And, last week was Charles Dickens two hundredth birthday, and a reminder that stories happen when everything goes wrong.  
I've now sunk comfortably into the squalid world of orphans, prison ships, and all manner of unsavory yet unforgettable characters while re-reading Great Expectations and I'm having a hard time trading the cold, drizzly marshes of the midlands for my warm, dusty studio and its unrelenting deadlines...

Happy Birthday Charles & Charles!
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