I am re-posting this image, because I have been too busy to upload anything new, and I can't show the projects I am working on yet because of client confidentiality... (although my students have seen some of them in progress.) So here is Amelia, a dreamer and adventurer.


The Very Little Princess

This is the jacket art I recently finished for "The Very Little Princess" a chapter book about a girl named Zoey who, one morning finds out she has a grandmother named Hazel (isn’t that a witch’s name?) She also finds out that friends sometimes come in unexpected sizes, and maybe with a little attitude. I also illustrated 22 interior pictures for the book. It was fun drawing Zoey's curly out of control hair, and the princess's snooty attitude. Written by Newbery Honor-winning author, Marion Dane Bauer.
Pub date: February 23, 2010


Back to Brooklyn

Looking forward to Friday night and the ABC gala– where? ... really? Brooklyn USA!!! Well, its nice to have an excuse to dress up & visit my old hometown.
Art from "The Very Little Princess" (Random House / Feb '10)


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