I wish...

I have been reading  Wishes, Lies and Dreams: Teaching Children to Write Poetry by Kenneth Koch.  It's a book full of poems written in the 1960s by students of PS 61 in NYC.  In each poem the wishes fluctuate between funny and profound, fantasy and yearning... .. " I wish I were a key... I wish the boys were pigs..."  "I wish my little sister would find her nightgown..."  "I wish the street was ice cream" ... "I wish my bedroom would stop shrieking.."
Here is mine (yes, be careful what you wish for...)
I wish books will never disappear.
I wish I had more time to read them. 
I wish time wouldn't slip away like a lizard.

And here are a few of the books piled up next to my bed right now:
Magic in the Mirrorstone
The Very Best of Charles De Lint
Irish Fairy & Folk Tales by WB Yeats
Rose, Where Did You get that Red?
Dear Genius: The Letters of Ursula Nordstrom
Drawing Words and Writing Pictures
The Great Oom: The Improbable Birth of Yoga in America

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