The Way We Were

I've just been reading some books by the painter, Eric Sloane.  He was even better with pen and ink.  He illustrated and wrote a series of books about life in the 18th and19th C. that are full of beautiful diagrams of tools, machinery and trees. In "A Reverence for Wood" he explains the proper way to dismantle a barn... (don't just knock it down with a tractor !) He also writes about how back in the day, people knew how to get along with the environment so much better than we do now (even though we think we are so smart).  They are great little books:
Once Upon a Time: The Way America Was
A Reverence for Wood
A Celebration of Bells
I just unearthed this painting I did a while ago, which also takes place in late early 1900s (and it involved a barn.) I like the way the colors came out.

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