Artists of Deception

This book I designed and co-authored.  It's based upon the exhibit I co-curated with Rick Beyer, who has been researching this unique WWII outfit for his documentary film, called "The Ghost Army." It will be released next year.  My father was in this outfit, along with many other artists, including Bill Blass and Ellsworth Kelly.  Three cartoonists: Victor Dowd, Bob Boyajian and Roy Harford, who worked worked on Captain Marvel and many other comics before and after the war, were also in this outfit.

"We were sleeping in hedgerows and foxholes, but nothing kept us from going someplace to do a watercolor" John Jarvie, 603rd

They were all sent to Europe armed with rubber tanks, phony artillery, and sound effects in order to deceive the enemy. They also brought along their sketchbooks and painted their way across Europe.  This 48 page paperback, printed by Sotheby's, is jam packed with photos, drawings and stories of their unique adventure.  For more info about the Ghost Army visit Ghostarmy.org. To see more pages and to order this book visit Amazon. 

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alan said...

Finally, I had time to read your book that accompanies the exhibition. I learned so much more about the unit my father was in. I am looking forward to the film, thanks for taking the time to create this valuable historical document!

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