First Review

By Nadia Krilanovich; Illustrated by Elizabeth Sayles
Tricycle Press | Random House
"This charming bedtime lullaby gives readers a new way of looking at the moon as they follow a raccoon, an owl and an otter in their nighttime rambles ... Sayles’s pastel-and-acrylic illustrations beautifully capture the sense of wonder the young animals have for the luminous full moon. Her night is a place of magic where water holds stars and anything is possible. Krilanovich’s striking debut will have youngsters peering out the window to see if the moon is in fact watching over them...and very likely reaching out to give it a hug." (Picture book. 2-6)
--Kirkus Review
September 15, 2010
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JGH said...

Congrats on the new book, Liz! Can't wait to see it.

Marion Eldridge said...

Yes, congratulations! Very, very beautiful!

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