The Goat-man

March 12 – May 30
This piece is the fourth piece from the fairy-tale Gold on view now at the Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art (MOCCA), along with the work of many others illustrators & cartoonists.  "It is a super-salon show... a "King Solomon's Mines" ...  a spectacular experience for all.  A  floor-to-ceiling, frame-to-frame salon-style show!  Imagine the salons of the 1800's, and you'll get the  idea."  Some of the artists are... Maurice Sendak, Peter Arno, Isabella Bannerman, Julie Doucet, Jules Feiffer, Tomer + Asaf Hanuka... and me!  Curated by Keith Mayerson

594 Broadway, Suite 401, New York, NY 10012


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