ICON Roadshow

Under sparkling chandeliers in the Grand Ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan on Wednesday evening gathered a stellar group of illustrators who, in lieu of sleep, had spent the night before polishing up their portfolios and urging their printers to spin out more and more sample cards and giveaways. It was the kick off event to Illustration Conference #5--the Roadshow Salon. And the amazing thing was that, in this age of the internet, so many art buyers flew in from around the country just to meet with 100 illustrators at this 3 hour long event! I actually met - in person- clients I have been working with for years and never met before! There were also clients and friends (fellow illustrators) who I haven't seen in awhile and was able to catch up with, including my table mate, Nicole Schooley, a former SVA student of mine, who was excellent at scoring an icy bottle of Pinot Grigio with 2 glasses just in the nick of time. Thanks to everyone who made the Roadshow happen, to the art directors, editors and art buyers who took the time to come (on the eve of the July 4th weekend) and especially to Mark Heflin and the Roadshow team.


kusmierski said...

nice to meet you at ICON5

i took a couple of your cards wearing my hat of AD and I also exhibited as an illustrator.

did you have a successful event and did you attend any of the weekend sessions?

regards, janet kusmierski


Elizabeth said...

It was great meeting you too. I thought the roadshow was great. Hopefully it will be successful too - we shall see... Was it for you? I just did the Roadshow not the rest of the conference... I was very burnt the next day!

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