An Illusionary piece for American Booksellers for Children

This is a new painting I created for American Booksellers for Children's annual gala auction.
It is painted in gold on a wood panel, so not very photogenic.  Looks much better in person, so to speak.
It is about the world of the imagination you enter when you read a book.
When you look at the piece at an angle you see only the girl and her book.

The painting is a tribute to Little Golden Books, which is celebrating its 75th Anniversary.  Those books had a big influence on me and my work.  Some of my childhood Golden Books are still in my possession.  Apparently when I was five I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up since on the title pages, I had crossed out the illustrator's name  (usually Garth Williams') and written my own.

This piece will be on sale later this month at the ABC auction during BookExpo America.

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